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Bridal style- your chance to be YOU

A few months ago, a friend was chatting to me about her wedding.

We chatted a great deal about her and her partner and their vision for their day.  She had met her husband to be in a rock bar,  their lives are full of fun and adventures and much of it centres around music. She described herself as a boho bride, very relaxed, easy going, with an eclectic fashion style.

But then went on to show me her wedding gown.

The gown was beautiful indeed, but not at all boho in style. It was a classic, very formal gown, very traditional in style and very conservative. Not at all what she had described as she had painted the image of her dream day.

Her style is unique to her, especially her fashion style. But somehow that had got a little lost in translation as she began to search for her perfect bridal gown.

it made me wonder how many brides to be end up being drawn into the ” wedding bubble” and conforming to what they think is expected rather than expressing themselves, not least through their own personal style choices.

There is of course nothing wrong whatsoever with a traditional styled gown  if traditional is your look. if that is what makes your heart sing, then you should absolutely follow it.

But what if your dream look does not reflect the typical ” bridal image”  how easy do you find it to follow your heart rather than expectations?

provence wedding

A couple of years ago I remember receiving an email from one of my brides. She had fallen completely and utterly in love with a gown which was not remotely what her Mum had expected, it did not meet her mothers idea of what a wedding gown should be, and she had let her daughter know this.

My lovely bride of course was very upset by this reaction. While her heart was signing having found a gown which was so completely her, she had not received that ” wow” moment from her mum and it hurt. The problem was, fashion, ideas, and views on weddings have changed so much recently, mostly about bridal wear, and that doesn’t always sit comfortably with older generations. Of course her mum had not wanted to cause upset, but her expectations of what a bride wears, were not met, when she saw some of the more modern takes on bridal wear.

There is an accepted bridal “look” isn’t there. If you ask someone to describe a bride, it’s usually that cake topper style of image most people will come up with.

But of course, times are changing and the bridal industry is keeping up with fashions far more, from this seasons separates trend in bridal, to lace cap veils. Brides now more than ever can be themselves on their wedding day.

If you want huge statement jewellery, or a floral crown, or to be wrapped in olive branches there are dress designers and floral designers out there who can help create it for you.


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Events like the Oscars,  London fashion week and the latest Victoria Beckham collections being unveiled, are enough to steer the bridal fashion world and direct its attention to what is current and what it’s customers want to see. And this is brilliant.

There will always be the traditional bridal image, the traditional bridal types of gowns and for some brides this is all they have dreamed of all their lives. Some brides feel they will only ever get to wear that style of gown once in their lives and they revel in it, which is utterly wonderful.

But if you are a more fashion forward bride there is something out there now for you too. You are only restricted by your own imagination.

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Look at Keira Knightley or Olivia Palermo- they chose to be themselves on their wedding day and both wore what suited their personalities. It’s opened up the possibilities for all brides, right now it’s never been easier to be your true self on your wedding day.

provence wedding

Whatever your fashion style there is now something out there in the bridal world for you. Now more than ever there are gowns for every type of woman to express her unique dress sense on one of the biggest days of her life.

Just because you are getting married, it does not mean you need to leave your innate fashion style at the door of the bridal boutique. If you look hard enough, you will find YOU, and bridal designers have never been more creative than they are now. Somewhere out there is the wedding dress of YOUR dreams, you just need to be brave enough to go find it.