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Winter wedding style – luxury wedding photography

It’s anybody’s guess isn’t it, how a Winters day might turn out in the UK.

We seem to swing from dark, foggy days when the lights never go off at home and in the office and when the very thought of getting out of bed is just too awful to contemplate, through to bright, crisp and completely freezing days where the frost sparkles on the grass and you find yourself slipping about on ice on the way to work. Winter in the UK is without doubt a mixed bag.

So planning the perfect wedding in the winter months can involve some serious preparation for the weather. And a key issue for any bride is how to achieve the glamorous, beautiful look you are after, without having to resort to a duffle coat and slipper socks!

This past weekend, I shot a gorgeous winter wedding at the wonderful Priory Cottages  near Wetherby. My bride, Samantha and I had chatted about the possible weather issues with a December 13th wedding. My advice is always the same when it comes to wedding in the cooler months- be prepared. Don’t expect to be able to wander around outside in heels, and in a strapless gown, and pose for photos in sub zero temperates. It’s far better, and far more chic to come prepared to add a layer or two in the most glamorous way. And that’s exactly what Samantha did.


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Samantha chose a hooded coat, nipped in at the waist with a slightly long line back, edged in fur trim on the hood and the sleeves. It made the perfect cover up. It allowed the shape of her gown to still be shown off ( and wow that skirt needed to shown off), but it also allowed her to be outside, warm and cosy, wrapped up from the crisp, icy cold winter air.


Luxury Wedding Photography (4)

Luxury wedding photography (1)


Luxury wedding photography (2)

While Samantha didn’t wear the hood up all day, we did use it to full advantage to create some gorgeous ice queen styled shots for her. But you can see from the other images, that she also wore the hood down for many of the images. The jacket was versatile and still looked so stylish. it’s a wonderful idea to have something like this for your winter wedding. It adds some unique style  to your day whilst also ensuring you don’t freeze. A faux fur could work just as well, or perhaps a velvet jacket in ivory or white, or even perhaps a soft blush pink or pale grey textured jacked could work too. There are lots of possibilities depending on your own fashion style.

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Luxury wedding photography (4)

Footwear is also worth considering for a winter wedding too. Those Jimmy Choos you adore will be perfect for indoors but if it’s slippy, wet or muddy underfoot it’s worth investing in some alternative shoes or even wellies to help keep your choos in perfect condition. Samantha wore sparkly wellies under her gown for these shots, so as to keep the frost and damp from ruining her beautiful, carefully chosen wedding shoes.

Prepare for rain too, buy some lovely white or clear  umbrellas for you and your bridal party, and have a wrap or coat to put around your shoulders to keep the damp at bay.

Embrace the wintery season for your wedding day, don’t try to pretend its a warm balmy day in deep summer. Instead opt for warming arrival drinks, warm canapes and roaring fires, twinkly lights and berry scented candles. Prepare yourself for the cold and possibly the damp too, and plan ahead. If you do, theres no reason why you can’t have an extraordinarily beautiful winter wedding, encapsulating all this beautiful season has to offer.

To book your wedding with me, and enjoy a styling session to help you plan your wedding look,  email me at; cat@cathepplephotography.com