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Do I have to follow traditions?- Fine art film wedding photography.



” Do we HAVE to cut the cake? Do we even need a cake?”

” Do I HAVE to get ready from home, can I get ready at my venue?”

” Do we HAVE to have group shots? Can we keep things more informal?”

I hear questions like these most weeks from my couples. Traditions surround weddings, many of which have been around for decades or even longer. The cutting of the cake, keeping the dress a secret, not seeing one another before the moment at the top of the aisle… These are traditions which are steeped in history and many couples feel therefore they must follow them. Or they feel they should have all these elements because it’s whats expected.

But in reality, traditions are changing. Not every couple does a first dance for example ( many find the whole idea terrifying and simply refuse to sway along to music on front of everyone!), some couples choose to have a first look and see one another privately ahead of their ceremony ( and love the process) Other couples decide they want no formal group shots, preferring instead to have more informal moments caught.

Traditions don’t HAVE to be followed, if thats not what you want as a couple. Of course there may be some which you care passionately about, and want to keep in place, but there may be other little things which you’d like to do differently. And more and more couples are doing this.



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Don’t feel you absolutely must follow traditions. Create you own new ones at your own wedding. There really are no rules, it’s your day, and whether that’s a day richly wrapped in endless wedding traditions or a more modern take on the typical day, the rules are yours alone.