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You can go your own way- film wedding photography


Styling your big day…..

I was doing a little business exercise the other day and had to imagine myself two years before my wedding. What were my likes. what did I spend my time doing, what were my priorities, what was my style?….

My style was very fashion conscious, always reading Vogue and devouring fashion blogs ( not much has changed there) so I was used to seeing very editorial images and styling. The next part of the exercise was to consider what sort of wedding I wanted and it really made me think about the differences I’d found between the world I was living in, my style and life and the world of weddings.

Opening that door to weddings was something of a shock. It was all candy coloured, vintage inspired, typewriters and other inexplicable styling details and I tried for months to find images of a wedding I could relate to. I couldn’t find anything with a more modern feel, with a style that reflected me in my life. It was as if entering the wedding world I had to accept the saccharine and twee, which was just not me. I wasn’t into birdcages and shabby chic. I didn’t like candy carts or chocolate fountains. I felt so much of the wedding world was just not reflective of me or my husband to be. And I didn’t want to leave my style behind just because it was my wedding day. But goodness, back then it was very hard to source the things I wanted and have the styling I wanted too.

That was back in 2007 ahead of my wedding in 2008. Things in the wedding world have of course changed a great deal since then. There’s huge amounts of choice and far more on offer.

But I still chat to couples who feel torn, torn between the wedding they want which really reflects them, and the wedding they think they ought to have because of where the wedding world seems to be. Brides who have never bought a shabby chic item in their lives suddenly find themselves considering jam jars of flowers and distressed white styling and end up feeling confused because they know it’s not really them. But that’s what weddings look like right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. The wedding world is more creative right now than it’s ever been. Huge American influences are flooding the industry and inspiring couples to be more creative and stylish.


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The key is to be true to yourself, and I admit that can be hard when you look generally at the industry. There seems to be an accepted way to do everything connected with weddings, and it can feel quite brave to decide to go against the grain.

So where do you start? How do you create wedding styling that is unique to you both and makes you happy?


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Firstly I’d suggest creating a moodboard. NOT of wedding images but of things you love and are drawn to. Textures, colours, objects, moods, emotions, anything which speaks to you as a couple. You don’t need to go near a wedding image for this. Look at pinterest for example but don’t type in wedding , look for images which are reflective of you both, your likes and loves. Here’s one I created for a bride of mine, as we worked through some ideas for her wedding. She said she thought she was a boho bride, but as we chatted and discussed her life and her likes, her true self began to emerge…


This moodboard has clearly defined the brides style. It’s stunning isn’t it. There are so many small details here which can run through her wedding, from the way the table might be set out, to the ears of corn which could be used on her paper goods and to slip under napkin ties. The look is so genuine and authentic and is certain to set her wedding apart. And the wedding industry can help her create it now. There are incredibly talented people out there who can translate that beautiful set of ideas into a gorgeous wedding.

So once you’ve compiled a moodboard you’ll see elements which are unique to you as a couple, and these elements can then be threaded into your day. If you need help with this process, there are some amazing Wedding stylists in the UK, drop me an email and I’ll happily send you some details. Stylists can then help you source the people you need to make the moodboard come to life. I too can work through some of this with you, to help you find what’s really you.


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My next tip is to seek out creative creatives in the industry. There are a lot out there, but once you have an idea of your style then it becomes easier to source them. Wedding blogs are an amazing resource, online 24 hours a day always there with latest weddings to inspire you and showcase the work of incredibly talented suppliers. Once you see work you love, research that supplier and get in touch. You’ll be amazed at how much there is out there now to help.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to stay with local suppliers if they are not able to create what you want. Many suppliers will travel anywhere to work, and if you adore the work of a vendor in one part of the country but the wedding is elsewhere, simply ask them if they are happy to travel. I am happy to go anywhere to shoot beauty, and you’ll find huge number so of wedding suppliers are exactly the same. For my wedding I brought my hairdresser down with me from Yorkshire to Somerset, and my musicians travelled from the midlands for example. It was more important to me to source the right people than their location.

Think carefully too about your choice of venue. If your style is wild flowers and rustic, opting for a chandelier clad Stately home may not quite fit the bill. Go back to your mood board, ask yourself where you see that style being. Again stylists and planners can be worth their weight in gold in helping you find a perfect venue for your style and often have ideas you may never have contemplated.

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Your style can be represented across everything on your day, not just the favours and venue. Think about your table setting from the linens to the cutlery and glassware. Consider the chairs, the dessert table, the florals and how flowers could be used around the setting, the table plan, the centrepieces, the paper goods. All of these and more can reflect you both and the style you love.

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And a final word on the gown, one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding and your style. Gone are the days of a typical wedding look. Brides now can have their pick of the most incredible gowns from designers across the world. It no longer just has to be ivory or white if that’s not you. They are the most subtle golds, blush pinks, soft greys, out there and in every shape imaginable. My favourite trend for next years is two pieces, with the softest lace tops and acres of tulle skirts, because they offer so much versatility and are so stylish. There really is something out there for every bride.


But stay true to you. If a princess dress is just not you, then don’t feel it’s what you must wear. This is your chance to shine, and be truly you. The wedding world has what you are looking for, you may need to dig deep and research lots, but it’s there. Be brave, be you.


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