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5 tips to give you confidence for a Boudoir shoot. – fine art film photography.


” I can’t believe I’m even discussing this, it’s taken me weeks just to call you…” The nervous and slightly timid voice at the end of the phone belonged to a woman who had spent weeks considering a photo shoot. I recognised instantly how she was feeling. How much courage it had taken to even begin to consider this kind of shoot, and that even more guts and courage was required to actually call me to chat about it.  Because she was calling about a boudoir shoot.

You only have to type ” boudoir” into google to see why many women find the whole idea rather overwhelming and to be really frank, totally off putting. Boudoir sadly is a genre of photography that has connotations attached of sleazy and awkward imagery that you wouldn’t dream of showing your friends, family or parents! ( perish the thought!) So it’s no wonder women are often terrified of the very thought of such a shoot.

The lovely woman at the end of the phone, had seen my Sweet Reveal shoots and this had changed her view of Boudoir. It didn’t make her nerves go away, but she could see that boudoir can be beautiful, elegant and empowering. She booked, and loved her shoot. We worked together beforehand to give her lots of confidence and to alleviate her worries. She followed my tips for feeling good and I thought I’d share these with you.

So here are my top five tips I share with my Sweet Reveal clients to help them overcome their nerves and gain enough confidence to have a boudoir shoot.



1. Preparation. 

Nothing makes you feel more glamorous than some lovely pampering. So in the weeks leading up to the shoot invest in yourself. Whatever treatments you love and enjoy, whatever makes you feel good, from a trip to a day spa, a massage, a manicure, whatever you love and know makes you feel terrific. Pampering gives us confidence, we feel better about ourselves and we know we look good. That’s so important if you are going to have a shoot of this kind. False tan can help a little if you are especially worried about being pale, although don’t overdo it. Tan sits on top of the skin and can look a bit strange, so my advice is always less is more. Add a little if you feel more confident but don’t use too much. False lashes can also look amazing, drawing out your eyes and again helping you feel confident. Again, if it works for you, go for it. Anything that helps you feel fabulous is worth investing in.




2. Planning 

Like any major project a great boudoir shoot requires some planning. Thinking through how you want to look and what that might involve. I don’t tend to do boudoir shoots in bedrooms, like this one we head to beautiful settings which reflect the mood of the shoot we want to capture. In this case, we wanted a simple, humble shoot, focussed around natural fabrics and surfaces, so this lovely stone and wood venue played well for that look. Putting a mood board can be helpful to pull together ideas, and help you be clear about what you are going to achieve. It gives me ideas about the possible venue, the feel of the imagery and how we might style the day.

I love adding florals to a Sweet Reveal shoot, and these gorgeous pieces in this shoot were created by Leafy Couture for the shoot. It’s worth considering simple things such as candles, fabrics, textures and details too. They can all add to the look. Fabulous florists like Leafy Couture can be a godsend in helping us create a magical shoot.

Lingerie of course is an all important part of these shoots. You can reveal as much or as little as you like and wraps and robes, swathes of tulle, muslin etc, can all add amazing effects and softness, as well as cover ups if you are more nervous of revealing too much.

The lingerie in this shoot was supplied by Sheer Bliss in Knaresborough who are my recommended lingerie suppliers for the shoots. Jayne who runs the boutique knows exactly what The Sweet Reveal shoots are all about and she guides my lovely clients on how to look their best and get beautiful pieces they are thrilled to wear.





3. Styling 

This follows on from planning. The style of your shoot should be reflection of you. Do you want to look angelic? More of a bond Girl? Do you love romance and want billowing fabrics at the ocean, or do you prefer something more glamorous and sparkly? Styling allows you to show the best you, so developing your plans to include ideas about styling is really helpful. It also boosts your confidence that you will love the end results, because you are creating a scene you want to be in.

In this shoot we used natural cotton as a key element to reflect the humble simple styling. We used pieces in decoration and also in the hair. It helped keep the shoot consistent and made it very romantic and soft.

Again bringing in an amazing florist or stylist can really help achieve the overall look and is worth considering.










4. Make up and Hair 

This one is HUGE when it comes to giving you confidence and making you feel a million dollars. Really. Don’t underestimate the power of beautifully applied make up by a professional used to working with cameras and who really understand how light changes the way our faces look. Great make up gives us a boost, it cheers us up and makes us feel ready to face the world and you need to feel that way for a boudoir shoot.

In this shoot I used Victoria Farr for hair and make up. Victoria is my recommended person for this on Sweet Reveal shoots. She’s worked with me with many women and like me, she is totally used to hearing the worries and concerns women have and we both understand how you feel. So Victoria has mastered the art of bringing out the best in you, whilst still letting you be true to yourself. I can’t sing her praises enough. She also helps all the women on these shoots, as she stays for the shoot, offering help, support and a giggle. It works wonders having her on your side on the day.

In these looks we wanted an almost nude make, a barely there look similar to the one sported by Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue. This kind of undone, effortless beauty image is everywhere at the moment and it suited our humble theme.

The hair too was done by Victoria and you can see how she changed the look from demure braid to the flowing wavy locks of the later shots. Again, Vicki is a master at changing the looks for you. She can help you create a number of styles each one enhancing you.

Hair and make up is a vital part of the shoot.





 5. Believe in yourself

Yes really. Every single woman I’ve ever worked with has arrived with a list of 101 things she dislikes about her body, from her knees to her elbows and everything else you can imagine. As women we are programmed almost to only focus on the things we don’t like about our looks. We gaze in the mirror and magnify the elements we worry most about, imagining that every one of those things is noticed by everyone we meet. It’s a huge part of the reason women worry about doing these shoots.

But the whole point of a Sweet Reveal shoot is to help you forget whatever bits you don’t like and show off those you DO. To help you overcome those worries about knobbly knees and weird shaped calves, mismatched nostrils and bendy elbows ( we’ve heard them all!) Because we all have those bits, bits we don’t like, bits we hide and don’t want to show and that is absolutely FINE. The shoots are about enhancing your good points and making you feel phenomenal. There’s no lingering on anything you’d rather hide.

Believing you are beautiful tends to go against the grain for most of us. We don’t like to feel vain or full of ourselves so we are loathed to say ” I’m gorgeous” but we are. Beauty isn’t just external, it’s about so much more from our spirituality, our dreams, our thoughts, our goals….all the things that make you, you. By the end of the shoots you leave feeling far more confident, exuberant and uplifted. We can’t do much to help with the knobbly knees, but we certainly make you see you are absolutely beautiful and have every right to feel fabulous.























To book a Sweet Reveal shoot with me, simply pop over to the website and use the contact me page. The shoots make amazing christmas presents and gift vouchers are for sale in £50.00 amounts too. Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you and begin your journey to a more confident, radiating and luminous YOU. x