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A Denton Hall wedding and a first look- preview

I adore First look weddings.

They are hugely popular in the States and are growing in popularity here in the UK now too. This is where a bride and groom arrange a secret and private rendezvous ahead of the wedding ceremony, to see one another for the first time in private and without hundreds of iphones and ipads and cameras clicking away. Couples often choose to do this if their wedding is later in the day, as was the case for Emma and Alex. their wedding was at 3pm and given it would almost be dark by then in November they discussed the first look idea with me.

It was absolutely magical, and I felt honoured to cover it for them. Alex stood in the drawing room at Denton Hall, his back turned from the door, so all he could hear were her footsteps as she made her way into the huge hall and walked towards the room. When they saw one another there were giggles and hugs, kisses and whispered words of love. All things you can never do at the top of the aisle when you first see one another. At one point Alex almost lifted Emma off the ground in his embrace. It’s a truly romantic moment and after all that the couple were able to have all their portraits done in the daylight before setting off for their ceremony.

Here are a few highlights of this most special of days, with much more to come.
























Congratulations Emma and Alex, more very soon.


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