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A Boudoir shoot- The Winter Boudoir


I love my boudoir shoots to be soft, romantic, gentle. Thats what The Sweet Reveal is all about.

So I’m always looking for inspiration for these shoots. Women worry so much about how they look, we are all programmed to focus on the bits we hate. Every woman I’ve ever worked with on a boudoir shoot starts out by pointing out the long list of things she dislikes about herself and her body, and I listen and then put those things to one side because I simply don’t see the same things. We all do it, focus on the negative and these shoots are about doing the exact opposite. This is about highlighting your beauty, and making the most of it all.

So this is another Sweet Reveal shoot for you. This one was inspired by The Winter Boudoir. I wanted to create a feeling of snug warmth, romantic and sweet. I used a few influences from the world of ballet too, just to help keep the look soft and delicate.

Here’s a few sneak peeks, there’s much more to come including a special promotion for Valentines day, which is not so far away…







The Sweet Reveal shoots star at £350.00 for the shoot and include a £40.00 credit towards a product of your choice. They make an amazing gift for someone special.

To contact me about booking your shoot simply visit the website by clicking here >> THE SWEET REVEAL  

My love and thanks to an amazing team for this shoot;

Hair and make up- Victoria Farr

Lingerie- Sheer Bliss

Styling- Eden and Eve

Bridal additions- The Harrogate Wedding Lounge