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Winter Wedding ideas – Snowdrops at Goldsborough Hall

I admire snowdrops.

Not just for their prettiness, their delicate form and their stunning white petals, but more for their resilience. Even through the harshest winters, snow, howling gales and severe frosts they make it. Like little gems springing out of the earth, they waft around even on the most bitter of days and herald a new season on the horizon. They are fragile and persistent, and for that I adore them.

They also make for the most incredible backdrop… imagine a wedding amidst the carpets of snowdrops. A serene and calm vision, the softness of white everywhere you look.

I took a trip with my family this weekend up to see the snowdrops of Goldsborough Hall. Those of you who follow my work will know it’s a place that steals my heart more and more with each visit. It’s just a very special place and one I always feel so happy to be at.

The snowdrops here are quite stunning…. they carpet the gardens, the landscape and seem to whisper to the rest of the garden that it’s time to change, to welcome spring with full blooms and soft scent….








Just one tree was tentatively displaying some blossom, it looks so stunning even against the grey skies. Soft, delicate, and intricate. A perfect spot for some bridal portraits.



Buds, I spotted a few on the trees as we wandered around. I love how hopeful they seem. They are little pods of goodness storing up energy for a magnificent display in weeks to come. They promise great beauty….


These beautiful trees will be adorned with the softest blossom in a few weeks. There’s no hint of it yet, but just wait. By May they will be the fairest of them all.

Spring is pushing through,just a handful of these yellow beauties were shining in the gardens.


Goldsborough hall makes a magnificent setting for a wedding at any time of year, but having seen the snowdrops yesterday I really hope more brides and grooms choose it for their late winter wedding. It’s spectacular.

To see some of the weddings I’ve photographed at Goldsborough Hall have a look HERE and HERE .

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    Just found your site through your facebook page. You make some beautiful images. We have snowdrop flowers in Sweden too (although unfortunately we still have the snow to go with them). They are some of my favourites. Thanks for sharing.