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Wedding albums to treasure- memories start here.


I’m old fashioned in some ways. I love to actually hold a book, admire the cover, gingerly open the front and touch the pages. I like to see the words, how they are laid out, how the chapters divide the work. What I mean is, digital books and audio books don’t have the same effect for me. There’s something magical about turning the first page and wondering where you are about to head to….

It’s the same with photographs. I love seeing them on computers and phones, it’s a fast and easy way to share pictures you love with those you love. But how long lasting is it? How long will our galleries on Facebook and flickr exist for. Will our children and grand children still have access to them in years to come? I could find a 100 year old book in an antiques shop, turn the page and find an inscription from the owner, I can hold in my hands a photograph dating back generations. To me that is fascinating and priceless.

I understand many couples now want their wedding images digitally, it’s why I offer that as part of my service. But I’d also encourage you to think about what you’ll actually do with that disc. Will you print them? Where will they go? How will you protect those pictures. Or is there a danger it will simply sit in a drawer with the images languishing inside?

For me this is where an album steps in. All those memories, those priceless photographs beautifully laid out, recounting the day, and bound in exquisite leathers and suedes. It’s something to share, with family now and with those who follow us.

In the weeks and months after your wedding, you realise how important the photographs are. How they will relive the day not just now, but for years and years.

Here’s the latest album I designed. This one was for Alice and Paul. It’s covered and bound in soft Italian ivory leather and the case is wrapped in a gorgeous brushed velvet in lavender, to match the colour scheme. Absolutely stunning. An heirloom to treasure for generations. Long live the album.




















To start creating your memories, just get in touch. I have a fabulous new video brochure to share with you.