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Be you…but braver


Not all wedding dresses are strapless… honestly. There are plenty of alternatives to the strapless gown if you crave something more you. Strapless gowns are gorgeous, timeless and never go out of fashion, but not every bride to be feels they are right for her. And that was our starting point for this inspirational shoot. A slightly different take on wedding day style.

For example, how about a gorgeous clutch bag instead of a bouquet? This fabulous gold one looks sensational and the blue sparkly one is sooo cute. Now that may be an idea for the VERY brave bride, but even those a little less bold might consider replacing the wedding day flora with an oversized clutch for the evening?

The hair too is a far cry from wedding day prim curls, piled high it looks sleek but funky.

And how about a bridal gown with pockets? Seriously how uber chic is this? Laid back class, stylish and elegant but so chilled. Be swept off your feet by all means, but do stay cool.



No wonder she’s lying down- this bride is one seriously relaxed chick !

This shoot was also about inspiring couples to be braver with photography. Letting go and trusting your photographer can lead to some wonderful photographs. This set were designed to look like something from a movie. I wanted it to feel almost as if our gorgeous groom was about to leave. There’s a story here. There’s a air of something tragic and moving about these. Ahhhhh.

And Just look at the back of this dress. Isn’t it incredible? Imagine walking down the aisle wearing this….

He doesn’t want to leave, but he has to… He doesn’t even know when he’ll be back.Her heart is broken…..it’s all so sad.

But anyway, how amazing is this gown? All that lace and those pearls? You may just want to walk around backwards all day in it actually. It’s sooo pretty.

There’s lots more to inspire you from this gorgeous shoot, and I’ll be blogging the rest next week, but in the meantime, if you’ve fallen in love with these dresses, you’ll be thrilled to know they can all be tried on at The Harrogate Wedding Lounge.

And if you’d love hair and make up like this for your big day the very lovely Victoria Farr is your woman.

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