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365 days to make memories….a look back at 2011.

Time has marched on, the seasons have rolled by and we’ve told so many stories. Looking back over the past years photographs has been both wonderful and sobering. What a journey we’ve been on.

Every single person who stands in front of my camera has a story- they have emotions, thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams. From the first nervous glance as my camera emerges to the laughter and tears on seeing their images, it’s a journey we take together to reveal the real person and it’s rather wonderful.

From the newly engaged couple, still swathed in the first flush of love, to the mother to be nervous and excited to be welcoming a new life into the world, we’ve shared those emotions, dreams, thoughts and ideas with every one of our clients. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating but mostly its quite simply extraordinary.

I’ve put together a little end of year magazine style collection of some of the highlights of the past 12 months. It’s by no means a definitive list of all my favourite images but it’s a collage of some of those which have defined my work, and which have left indelible memories on my heart.

So lets begin the look back with love…

I adore our romance shoots- the name I give to our engagement photo sessions. These aren’t warm ups for the wedding, they’re not practice runs, they are a unique and wonderful experience, creating new memories which might never have been made otherwise. Every single one has been different this year, from city scapes, to golden fields, and I love how every couple has had their own idea of what they’d like. I’m so proud of the memories we’ve created too.

These images are as cherished by our clients, as their wedding day ones. Gentle, tender and poetic.

Some of my favourites include Jess and Martin’s beachside story

Kirsteen and Richard’s beach hut romance

and Claire and Euan’s carpet of petals

His hands in her hair, his arm cinching her waist, a passionate urgent embrace is as far removed from a hug as its possible to be. This is love expressed in a more raw way, ardent, tempestuous and wanton.

and that passion is captured in our new Limited Collection shoots, launched this year. A unique way to be together.

Still tender, still gentle, but more intimate, more intense, more intriguing.

I can honestly say, hand on heart I adore every single one of our wedding couples. We’ve shared so much together. My couples have made me roar with laughter, wipe a few tears with overwhelming emotion and taken me on a journey with excitement and expectation. It’s been so much fun.

This job is so much more than simply pointing a camera. To get photographs to cherish and adore I have to know who I’m working with. I need to understand them and what makes their relationship unique. It’s not about a shot list to be ticked off, it’s not about the formalities, it’s about understanding what makes a couple work, what draws them to one another and what binds them. From that comes this…

The stunning wedding of Rebecca and Neil

The Downton Abbey styled wedding of Kat and Chris

The glamorous wedding of Alex and Alison

and the moving wedding of Dean and Keeley

Just a few of the marriages we’ve been honoured to photograph this year. And a few of the jaw droppingly gorgeous brides we’ve worked with.

The year has also been full of challenges. Many of them I brought on myself, because I never want to stop trying new things, working on techniques and developing. So I’ve pushed myself. I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the most talented people in the industry…..

….and work with some incredible suppliers on creative photoshoots. A chance to kick off my heels, let my hair down and experiment. Just me and my camera having fun.

My favourite absolutely has to be the Dior inspired shoot at Goldsborough hall earlier this year. For me this epitomises everything we are about.
The images have graced blogs, magazines and even a gallery in London. I’ll never stop loving them.

And talking of love, on a personal note my darling daughter celebrated her first birthday this year. For me above all else thats the most special day of this past year. She has brought me riches I could only have dreamed of before and I feel like the luckiest and most honoured person alive. I’ve been able to share that sense of wonderment at being a mum with many clients this year, as they began their journey into the world of parenthood.

Rachel’s freezing November seaside adventure has to be one I’ll never forget.

And for a completely different take on maternity images, Sarahs divine gown for this session steals the show.

I could never have imagined where my life might take me as I set out on my photography adventure. I share such momentous moments in so many people’s lives and that is something so unimaginably precious. I head towards 2012 a better photographer, a better person and an utterly devoted mum, wife, daughter and sister. That’s a rather wonderful way to welcome in the next 365 days which lie ahead.

We’ve plenty of exciting events around the corner, lots of fabulous weddings to photograph and endless achievements to aim for. So with arms open wide I’m embracing 2012 and all it’s possibility.

My love and thanks to all who have supported and worked with us this year. We are nothing without you.



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    How totally beautiful Cat. What an amazing year you have had all the best for 2012 xx

    • Cat Hepple
      Posted 7 Jan at 6:06 pm | Permalink

      Thank you so much Kathy and the same to you x