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All you need is love – we want your thoughts on the details of marriage


There is currently a debate raging in the wedding industry.

Other photographers, bloggers and industry specialists have been discussing details of weddings. Primarily whether the industry has lost sight of what matters, and is too focused on the details of the day; The mason jars filled with flowers, the vintage teacups and the fairy lights.

There’s discussion about whether blogs and magazines are putting pressure on couples to have detail filled weddings they can’t afford with some fearing brides to be feel their wedding is inadequate in some way if there’s not endless vintage details for example.

It’s an interesting debate and it does no harm to examine it, because as wedding suppliers it’s our job to get it right for you, our couples.

I see magazines and blogs as inspiration. They can guide you, offer ideas and perhaps lead you to a supplier. It’s always wonderful to have a wedding featured too, as I know my couples love seeing their images and knowing they may inspire someone else. But I never photograph a wedding with a blog or magazine in mind. I photograph it for my couples, for their taste and their requirements. If it makes a blog or magazine, well it’s a lovely bonus. But it’s not my priority.

As a wedding photographer I aim to capture all of the day for you. That means the small details like the rings, through to the tender often barely fleeting moments which pass between you. My primary focus is always YOU though, the couple, the love you share and the way you express it.

Couples who book me tend to want fabulous shots of them together on their day, beautiful portraits which capture their emotions, their relationship and which they can treasure for a lifetime. That’s their priority.

There’ll also be shots of the details, the shoes, the dress, the table plan, because we know our couples put time and creative effort into choosing these and will want a record of those elements of the day.

But we never lose sight of what your wedding day is really about. The love you have for one another.

I have a briefing form all my couples fill in ahead of the big day, with timings and other such crucial information. On there is a box asking them what is the most important thing about wedding photography on their day. Without fail every single couple says it’s make them look gorgeous in beautiful images and capture them and their guests having fun. As yet, a couple have not written ” my place cards and sweetie bar.”

So while I’ve found myself reading with interest all the industry people’s views what matters to me far more is what you, our couples past and present, and potential clients think about this subject.

Are you detail mad, filling your day with carefully chosen details which will define your day, or do you place your emphasis on celebrating your love in a more simple way?

Do you feel pressured into filling your day with details which might not even reflect you as a couple or are you happy that it will be your day, your way?

What do you want your photographer to capture for you? How important are the detail shots to you as you choose your album and images?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this. If it matters to you, it matters to us.