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Summer in all its glory – the romance shoot of Kat and Chris at Fountains Abbey


I love how each of my couples has a special place, somewhere they enjoy being and so choose for their engagement shoot.

This year, we’ve had romance shoots in the city, on the beach, amidst the bluebells, along the canal boats… and each one has been precious because it’s somewhere the couples enjoyed being.

Kat and Chris chose Fountains abbey in North Yorkshire. Peaceful, dramatic and beautiful, steeped in history and surrounded by amazing landscapes. I didn’t need to ask why they chose this most incredible of settings.






The day began fairly overcast- a familiar sky this summer it seems. But the diffused light bounced around the gorgeous stone of the abbey and cast a soft warm tone over every shot.






As the late evening pressed on, we got lucky. The clouds burnt away and the most gorgeous soft sunlight bled through.

Casting it’s rays down on the abbey it seemed to bring this breathtaking place to life.



We were happy. The evening sunlight was most welcome and we’d had a chance to shoot using it. We began to make our way back along the winding pathways towards real life beyond.

Then this….





A cornfield, drowning in golden rays and just perfect for a final set of images. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was California.






Isn’t it just sublime? My heart was literally singing with these images. Kat and Chris look so relaxed and happy. The light is so utterly beautiful and what says summer more than a blanket of yellow covering the landscape.




If only our summers were like this for months on end. I think we’d all be happier for it. Kat and Chris love these images. I do too. I hope they always remind them of the most perfect afternoon. It’s one I’ll certainly never forget.


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    Absolutely gorgeous! The b&w portrait shot of them walking through the abbey is beautiful