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It’s a ten storey lovesong…. the Marriage of Dean and Keeley at Bolton School – Part 1


I decided this blog was lacking a few frills, so it’s high time I blogged this most wonderful of weddings, because it has frills galore!

Dean and Keeley’s big day at the very grand Bolton school was a real family affair and not without a fair few tears too. ( if you’ve seen my sneak peek, you’ll know I was wiping the odd little droplet from my eyes too).

The couple’s preparations began at a nearby hotel, where fellow photographer Katy Lunsford joined me to capture some of the details..

As we both have something of a passion for shoes, it’s fair to say Keeley’s divine choice of footwear did grab our attention straight away. Look at all that sparkle…










The incredible gown Keeley had chosen did actually make me squeal with delight. It was so beautiful.. Just look at all the layers and frills underneath the skirt….











As the bride underwent the final finishing touches and was fastened safely into her gown the chaps were arriving at Bolton school. This beautiful building can be hired out in the holidays for weddings, and it makes for a really impressive venue.






This was the moment the parents of the bride saw their daughter in all her finery. The smiles say it all don’t they?


Meanwhile a very chilled and calm groom awaited his gorgeous bride. Dean is so laid back, I doubt anything would phase him and he showed no signs of nerves as he patiently waited ( we were running late, what bride doesn’t?!)



And so on a glorious summer’s afternoon in July, Keeley arrived to marry Dean. She looked incredible.








Every wedding has it’s moments. Some emotional, some tearful and some just simply giggleworthy. This was one of them. As the bridal party made their entrance, the couples daughter, Olive decided she’d walked enough for one day, and promptly sat down in the aisle refusing to move. How’s that for an entrance?


It certainly made for an ice breaker.


I just love this moment, the first kiss for his bride and then Dean whispers ” you look beautiful.” Gulp.



That wasn’t the only tear jerking moment of the ceremony. The couple’s close friend had written a personal reading for them both. I really don’t know how to explain all it said, or why it was so overwhelmingly moving. it was just so genuine and so heartfelt. It included some lines from favourite songs, and I do recall one particular sentence..

But remember, it’s a ten storey lovesong
Things won’t always be the best
Sometimes if you don’t like the song
You gotta sing along, nevertheless..”

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

Dean just threw his arms around his friend and everyone wiped a tear or two.












With all that emotion running high, the guests spilled out onto the green lawns of the venue and into the sunshine.















It really was so much fun, there was laughter and there were plenty of giggles and children running around enjoying the sunshine as guests sipped champagne.

While we had the sun ( it’s such a rare commodity in the UK) Katy and I got to work on a few bridal group shots and portraits.








The beautiful stone corridors are amazing in this school and of course we made sure the couple had some lovely images there. But on an earlier venue visit I’d spied the library. Apparently it’s never been used for a wedding before…. It has now.




I think it made a rather splendid location for some more intimate shots, I’m not sure Bolton school had seen anything like it before. All too soon it was time to head to the wedding breakfast, sadly none of us had time to turn scholar and read any of the aged titles nestling on the shelves. Dinner was calling…

In part two of this beautiful wedding, the speeches, kisses at sunset and a colourful first dance. Coming soon….


  1. chris hanley
    Posted 13 Sep at 10:01 am | Permalink

    Part one is fab, there are some fantastic “big shots” in this collection.
    Well done team Hepple
    Chris Hanley

    • Cat Hepple
      Posted 13 Sep at 10:07 am | Permalink

      ohh am blushing, thank you so much Chris. x

  2. Posted 13 Sep at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Gorgeous flowers, an amazing dress, and I love your images. Beautiful