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A Mustang, a herb garden and very shaky hands – The Marriage of Lee and Dave at Baslow Hall – Part 1

Teapot wallpaper, vibrant sweetpeas and leaded windows. I know exactly why Lee and Dave fell for Baslow Hall in Derbyshire. It’s a very chic and intimate venue hidden away in the most beautiful countryside. It stole their heart at first sight and I have to say it stole mine too.

Lee and Dave’s wedding was the perfect mix of an intimate ceremony and wedding breakfast, followed by an evening party for many more.

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Lee prepared for the day ahead at Baslow, while Dave made a rather grand arrival in a wonderful Mustang, complete with red leather seats. Cool.

Hows THAT for an entrance?

So while Dave posed his socks off in his very swanky car, his beautiful bride was stepping into something rather exquisite of her own- a stunning Charlotte Balbier gown.

Once ready, there was time for a few shots nestled in the window of one of the grand bedrooms. This required some very skillful posing from Lee, as many of her guests were just below the beautiful leaded windows and she didn’t want to be spotted. i’ve said it before, adults never look up and sure enough, no-one did, so she was never spotted. It was worth a few minutes of ducking and diving I think, because the light here was magical. Lee is spell-bindingly beautiful.

We finished just in time for Lee to see her Dad for the first time that day. Regulars to my blog know this is a moment which moves me every single time. I will never fail to feel emotional at witnessing the brides’ fathers’ reaction to seeing his beautiful daughter. Never. Lee’s dad was totally blown away. I don’t blame him. His daughter is beautiful inside and out.

Gulp. It’s a gorgeous moment isn’t it.

So composure regained, (theirs and mine) the stunning bride and her Father headed through the house to the beautiful little room for the ceremony. Fewer than 50 guests were snuggled inside, waiting for their bride. And a very nervous groom was just about keeping it together too.

Dave’s nerves seemed to ease though just as his wife to be stepped into the room. She looked radiant and the moment they caught sight of each other for the first time was very special indeed.

Dave’s nerves did return for the exchanging of rings. His hands were shaking. A lot. Poor Lee struggled at one stage to even get his ring on his finger. It caused much hilarity, as its rare to see Dave suffer from nerves! The couples’ guests helped lighten the mood with their chuckles and giggles.

With the formality over, the couple were over the moon.
I just love their reaction to being pronounced as husband and wife too.

I did laugh. It’s a genuine moment of celebration and its wonderful.

Out on the perfectly manicured lawns, the couple had time to enjoy a glass or two of Pimms with their guests and have some group shots taken too. The rain stayed way, apart from the odd stray spot of drizzle.

The grounds at Baslow hall are just wonderful. There are rolling lawns, walled gardens, an architectural pond, a herb walkway and a cute little kitchen garden too. We needed no excuse to use these beautiful backdrops for the first set of images. Lee and Dave had chosen an English country garden theme, and now was the time to make sure their photographs caught it all.

I do love to find more unusual places for some photographs and Baslow Hall has plenty. This wood store, tucked away behind the kitchens made a rather wonderful little spot for some romance.

All that colour and texture- gorgeous!

With the clock ticking us towards the wedding breakfast, guests gathered on the lawns for a confetti shot – people never tire of this moment. It always gives everyone the giggles and everyone just seems to love the moment.

Isn’t it just all so gorgeous?

In part 2, we go all Lady Chatterleys lover style with some shots, we work the staircase, and make the most of the incredible evening sunshine which bathed this couple in glorious light.
More soon.

blog.cathepplephotography.com – The UK wedding blog of Cat Hepple Photography


  1. Posted 29 Aug at 11:29 am | Permalink

    Oh my gosh Cat…………the photos are beautiful!! From the first time she met you Lee knew you would capture the look she wanted and you truly did. Not only are the photos amazing but it was an absolute pleasure having you and Gaz at the wedding, you were like part of the family and you made the whole ‘wedding photographs’ process a joy not a chore. Thank you both so much for making a very special day even more special.
    Sonia (the very proud brides mum)

    • Cat Hepple
      Posted 29 Aug at 12:28 pm | Permalink

      Sonia, thank you so much for your lovely message. It was our absolute pleasure to be part of this incredible wedding. We were made to feel so welcome by everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed working with Lee and Dave and all of you.

      The wedding was an absolute joy to photograph and it’s wonderful to know everyone is so thrilled with the images of the day- we are too!

      Congratulations on a fantastic wedding, and we wish you all much love and happiness



  2. Sue Ambler
    Posted 29 Aug at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    Cat I have just seen the photos and I am in total agreement with Sonia, you are so talented. You have captured beautiful moments of a perfect day which will live in our memories forever.
    Aunty Sue (Jersey)

  3. Posted 30 Aug at 11:00 pm | Permalink

    Love the shot of the bride holding hands with the groom and her father at the altar, what a moving image. Beautiful wedding