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Love is a friendship which has caught fire. The Marriage of Rebecca and Neil at Oulton Hall- Part One


For years they were friends, neither daring to reveal how they really felt about one another. On June 17th 2011 they pledged to love one another forever. The wedding of Neil and Rebecca Charlton is the stuff of fairytales.


Their wedding was so beautiful. The details, the thought and care which had gone into it all, and the beautiful setting were all exquisite, but the day was also so full of love. Gaz and I couldn’t help but feel so moved by the genuine love and support the couples families offered them. It seemed to buoy the couple up all day, they almost floated around !

The day began with the preparations. Firstly with the Groom and his chaps at the couples home.

Neil’s family have strong connections with Northumberland and he wore a kilt which harks back to the Border Reivers. Charlton is a name dating back to that era. He looked spectacular.

Over at Outlton Hall the girls were busy getting ready.

The entrance to Outlton Hall has a rather lovely grand piano and while the girls were having their make up applied, I slipped out with Rebecca’s shoes. I had a little plan to create some images using the the rich colours of the piano.

Flowers are often chosen for their significance to a bride and Rebecca’s choice did indeed have a very special story attached. All the blooms she choose for her bouquet and her bridesmaids flowers, had grown in her late Nanas garden. Rebecca became emotional just explaining to me why these flowers were so special to her. It was the brides way of paying tribute to someone so precious to her and the results were truly beautiful.

Aren’t they just fabulous?

Family is SO important to this couple and even Rebeccas’ garter had a huge significance. Attached to it was a tiny piece of her Mums’  wedding gown, and stitched into it was a ring of her nanas’. It would accompany the bride for every moment of her day.

Downstairs the chaps had arrived dressed to the nines. Gaz and I headed out into the terrace with them to catch a few informal shots, just as the sun peeped through the clouds to brighten the morning.

While the groomsmen relaxed and enjoyed the sun, we headed back up to the hub of the activity. The bride was just about ready to step into her stunning Benjamen Roberts gown, and the bridesmaids and her Mum were by her side.

There was just time for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom to place their corsages first.

I love the moment the bride is dressed. It somehow changes the atmosphere, the excitement just seems to rise and the girls all gasp as they see their stunning bride almost ready to see her groom. It’s such a wonderful part of the day.

Paul, Rebecca’s dad was patiently waiting outside the room to see his daughter. I’d spoken to him for a few minutes as he hovered nervously outside the door. He knew what an emotional moment was ahead. I cannot really fully describe how this man feels about his daughter. It’s enough to say it brings a lump to my throat when I recall his nerves, excitement, and when I look at the following images. Utter pride in his eyes and total love for his very dear daughter.


Gulp. I really had to fight to keep myself together. Goodness knows how hard it was for Rebecca, her mum, Dad, Sister and friends. What an overwhelming moment in all their lives.

Rebecca then opened a gorgeous bracelet, a gift from her husband to be, and it was time for a final few images before she headed off to see Neil, the man she was about to marry.



Doesn’t she look absolutely amazing?

Part 2 of this incredible day will feature the ceremony, the drinks reception and bridal portraits. I can’t wait to show you the couples moving exchange of vows and the fabulous images from the grounds of Oulton Hall. More next week.

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  1. Amy Broadley
    Posted 15 Jul at 11:24 am | Permalink

    These are so beautiful, I’m sat at my desk with a little tear rolling down my cheek, happy tears though!! The bride looks stunning.
    I cant wait to see Part 2!!

  2. Posted 15 Jul at 11:43 am | Permalink

    Lovin the shoe mantelpiece shot, great idea!

  3. Posted 17 Jul at 9:09 pm | Permalink

    Absolutely gorgeous. Their story is told so perfectly by your stunning photos and beautiful writing. And what a gorgeous bride!

  4. Posted 18 Jul at 10:56 pm | Permalink

    Cat, you tell a beautiful story. I cried at Dad when I read what you’d written and saw his face too! And – wow, isn’t she gorgeous, the photos by the window are divine.
    Grooms don’t get enough attention from wedding bloggers so I must add: best dressed groom of the year bar none! Love his look!
    Cannot wait to see more – that first image with the piano had my heart in my mouth, simply beautiful.
    Claire x

    • Cat Hepple
      Posted 19 Jul at 10:28 pm | Permalink

      Thank you so much Claire xx

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